8 Ways To Detox Your Body

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8 Ways To Detox Your Body

When the season changes from summer to fall our body transitions from a faster metabolism to a slower one in order to save energy to get though the long winter. A fall detox is special because you want to cleanse the toxins that slow down your body and make it vulnerable to sickness while speeding up your metabolism for the winter months to avoid any winter weight gain. There are 8 simple ways to detox for fall, and you can repeat this detox at any point during the winter months to boost immunity and metabolism.

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8 Ways To Detox Your Body

Greens: Eating greens like kale, broccoli, cabbage and cucumbers is like absorbing sunshine; it keeps your body happy all winter long when sunshine is scarce. Eating green also helps to regulate your body’s systems, removes toxins from the body, and boots immunity.

Sweet vegetables: Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots and beets are all great choices for a fall detox. These seasonal vegetables cut the cravings for chocolate and sweets that we feel in the winter. Add them to your menu to avoid cravings altogether! The beta-carotene and vitamin A also boost immunity and protect your skin and eyes from damage.

Whole Grains: To really kick your detox into high gear, stick to grains in their whole form and avoid all flours and foods that are separated, like wheat germ or bran. When you eat grains in their whole form like barley, oats, wheat berries, quinoa, or millet, they work like sponges in the body. The soluble fiber absorbs cholesterol and the releasing toxins to remove them from the body.

Water: The winter is very drying on the skin, which is our biggest organ. To protect your skin and to wash out all of the releasing toxins, it is vital to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. This includes decaffeinated, unsweetened teas or flavored water without sugar.

Movement: Sweat is the best way to warm up the body to increase metabolism as well as excrete all the junk you are detoxing. 30-60 minutes of sweat-inducing exercise is best. This can be a killer Pilates class or a heart busting cardio routine. Mix it up and have fun! As long as you are sweating, you are detoxifying your body. In the winter, begin your yoga or Pilates routine in sweat pants and a sweater until your body warms up, then strip off the layers while you complete the workout.

Sugar: Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners while detoxing. These are one of the greatest forms of toxins you are exposed to every day. Stick to 2 tablespoons total of agave nectar or Stevia during your detox.

Dairy: When the weather cools down, reduce your dairy intake to one cup a day at most to avoid excess mucus, and try to buy organic when possible to avoid the antibiotics. During the detox, avoid dairy and use almond milk instead.

Oils: Stick to olive oil during the detox to lubricate your body. The Omega-3 fat enhances your body’s fat burning abilities.

(Source: skinnymom)



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