10 Benefits Of Lemon Detox Water

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There were so many reasons to drink lemon water, and most of what I’ve found says for best benefits, you need to drink it warm, which I do. I find it soothing and relaxing. It’s totally easy to work this into my morning routine. I make my butter coffee (story for another day) and drink my lemon water while I’m doing it. Lemon water is best when you drink it warm, first thing in the morning.

Top 10 Benefits Of Lemon Detox Water

10 Benefits Of Lemon Detox Water

1- Combats Stress – Vitamin C helps the body clear out stress hormones. Well alright!

2- Immune Boost – Lemons are rich in vitamin in vitamin C and potassium, which keep the body running on all cylinders and help the immune system and heart.

3- Weight Loss – Lemons contain pectin. This is a fiber that helps reduce cravings. It is a zero calorie drink that you can use to replace high calorie soft drinks and juices. It’s easier for me to say no to that second soda of the day because I just drink a lemon water. (Read: 5 Simple Steps to Lose 20 Pounds)

4- Clear Skin – Vitamin C is a key factor for clean healthy skin. It flushes toxins out of the blood so they do not accumulate in pores and hydrates skin cells. Antioxidants in lemons, including vitamin C, protect against free radical and solar damage too. Score!

5- Diuretic – Lemon water is a mild diuretic that can help cleanse your urinary tract and kidneys. This can improve blood pressure as well.

6- Improves Digestive Health – The citric acid in lemons helps to simulate stomach juices and ease digestion, flushing out built-up toxins along the way.

7- Freshens Breath – Guess what, the essential oils in lemons help clean and freshen your mouth! I am told it’s best to brush your teeth before you drink lemon water and avoid brushing for a while after to protect your teeth enamel, since acid can weaken it.

8- Balances PH – The alkaline in lemons help balance the PH levels in the body.

9- Promotes Healing – Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties which are essential for good health and recovery from stress or injury.

10- Respiratory Health – It’s really soothing when you have coughs, colds or flu’s.

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